E-marketplace principle:

In analogy with a traditional marketplace, i.e. a physical location where sellers and buyers meet up, bargain and come to a mutual agreement (deal); the e-marketplace is offering the same function, but on a virtual platform. The principle is that, divided into various stands, merchants and suppliers can offer their products for sale. So one stand offering a variety of plots of land for sale, by various owners and suppliers. Another stand focusing on sustainable energy solutions. Suppliers are enabled to sign in to the e-marketplace, by filling out company details, service area, and detailed description of the product or service for sale. Suppliers/ merchants also asked if they are willing to participate in a consortium, for offering costumers an integrated solution.


Energosys Website: Category: ESCO 3 reviews
ENERGOSYS Description:

The EnergoSys Closed Corporation (Energosys) was established in 2008, in Budapest by the developers and owners of the “Energy Saving and Finance Balancing System” which is known as the ESCO Know-How (EBS). The corporation was created to offer the housing market, innovative and affordable ESCO-solutions, which can be applicable to retrofit projects. The company plans, finances and implements complex energy-efficient renovations of residential buildings, and after the refurbishment operates the building energy systems, in order to guarantee the expected energy savings.

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Solintel Website: Category: ESCO 4 reviews
solintel Description:

Solintel is a high-tech SME specialized in engineering and consulting. Its goal is to satisfy, in an effective way, the necessities of the environment on engineering, innovation, and energetic efficiency within residential and industrial processes. It has extensive experience in the application of Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) into the modelling of industrial processes and equipment, including expertise in fluid.

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Ipostudio Website: Category: Service – architect 2 reviews
ipostudio Description:

Ipostudio Architects srl is a private professional association of architects, which has worked within the fields of architecture, design and research, in Florence since 1982. Ipostudio aims to develop quality architectural and urban design based upon the thoughtful integration of innovative technologies with a respect for the rules of the architectural design. To such an end, Ipostudio always placed the activities of planning side by side with the activities of research. During almost twenty years of activity Ipostudio has demonstrated a design approach with high architectural quality and optimised functional qualities of the buildings.

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3L Website: Category: Service – architect 2 reviews
3L Description:

3L Architects and Industrial Designers was founded by Veronika Lenze, Theodor Lenze and Klaus Th. Luig in 1989. The vision of the company’s founding members was to establish an architectural firm that is driven by a holistic approach to buildings and processes. Instead of just design-oriented services, 3L provides services that include integrative solutions that consist of design, technology, ecology and economy.

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STU-K Website: Category: Service – planner, financial/legal advice, technical expert 4 reviews
stu-k Description:

STU-K is an engineering consulting firm with a wide scope of activities and range of services including research and development. The organisation is a leader in housing refurbishment programmes within the Czech Republic. Activities include the rehabilitation of large panel buildings, energy saving housing upgrades, repair of reinforced concrete structures and the recycling of building materials.

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DEMO Consultants Website: Category: Service – planner, financial/legal advice, technical expert 4 reviews
demo Description:

DEMO Consultants is an independent consultancy (SME) dealing with strategic management, technical advice and software modeling for the real estate sector. DEMO Consultants creates innovative software products offering tools for investment appraisal, portfolio management, strategic decision making and maintenance planning. DEMO Consultants works for various clients: public and private, profit and non-profit.

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De Regie Website: Category: process support 5 reviews
logo_de_regie Description:

In ieder project stellen wij de woonambities van (toekomstige) bewoners en gebruikers van het begin tot het eind centraal. Een vraaggestuurde organisatie en uitvoering van bouwprojecten betekent niet dat de wensen en belangen van andere betrokken partijen op het tweede plan komen.

Op de projecten waarin De Regie als onafhankelijk adviseur een rol heeft gespeeld wordt over het algemeen door alle betrokken partijen tevreden op het proces en het gezamenlijk bereikte resultaat teruggekeken.

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Urbannardam Website: Category: process support 4 reviews
urbannerdam_bouwbord Description:

Urbannerdam is dé specialist in het opzetten en begeleiden van Zelfbouwprojecten en Klushuizen. We zijn ook allround adviseur als het gaat om stedelijke vernieuwing, energierenovatie, particuliere woningverbetering, bewonersparticipatie en Huurteams. Al vele jaren werken wij met veel plezier en toewijding aan projecten waarbij we verschillende belangen met elkaar in verband brengen en ze zo elkaar te laten versterken. We snappen zowel de professionele partij als de eindgebruiker en zijn daardoor in staat om meerwaarde te creëren.

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Lancaster Cohousing Website: Category: dwellings for sale 2 reviews
lancastercohousinglogo Description:

Buying or renting a home in Lancaster Cohousing is a little different from buying or renting a home in an ordinary street. As well as negotiating with the home owner (details below), you also need to decide whether you are prepared to be an active part of the community, and apply to join.

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