What is CSO Housing?

Collective Self Organized (CSO) housing refers to a group of people that act together to organise the processes of formation, requirement definition, planning, design, implementation and / or maintenance of their own housing project. Most of the current collective housing projects pay a special interest in energy efficiency and sustainability issues.


Why this platform?

SMEs are looking for new business opportunities, acting as an alternative to large construction companies

This platform aims to facilitate CSO housing, helping to organise CSOs and SMEs and bring them together in an e-Marketplace


Information on this platform is organized according to the CSO housing process and involved stakeholder. In the next process flow, information and tools are provided to help stakeholders in the development of setting up a CSO housing organization, and support them throughout the implementation and operation stage. First selection is between new construction of housing, or renovation of resided housing.


Renovation of existing buildings New construction and re-use of buildings


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